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About Folly Fresh

Folly Fresh, formally known as Fola was born and raised in London, England. He is the 4th born of 5 children and comes from a lively and energetic family - so there was always a challenge to have your voice heard within the household. Growing up in London and being of Nigerian descent meant that Folly Fresh was able to grow up knowing both Nigerian culture and British culture, combined with the diversity of cultures that comes with being raised in London.


Folly Fresh completed secondary school and college and then went on to study Accounting with Finance at University of Portsmouth having an interest in number crunching. It was in university (2009) that he was approached to host a comedy series because of his 'lively and energetic' personality - and this we could say is was the genesis. His time at University proved as an added blessing providing many opportunities to nurture his talents; sitting on the UoP Business School board as a Finance Student rep, hosting UoP ACS ball and various variety nights as well as frequently appearing on Uni radio.


With Folly Fresh you can't help but be infected by his vibrant energy and charming smile. He is friendly, energetic and relatable and exhibits the passion to add value & joy to every occasion he graces.


Since "the Genesis" Folly Fresh has hosted/presented various types of events; from album launches, birthday parties and weddings to church events, seminars, London Fashion Week and Formula E car racing. 

The amazing thing about Folly Fresh is his ability to relate to and engage with audiences of diverse backgrounds and ages. With Folly Fresh you will always receive service with a smile, as well as a service provider who goes beyond to ensure client satisfaction. 


Folly Fresh is easily distinguishable by his signature looks - preppy English college boy look or pristine 3 piece slim fitted suit. Known for being the life of the party, you will almost certainly find Folly Fresh at the center of your dance floor at any celebration or party. He continues to be the preferred host of choice both nationally and internationally due to his witty, fun and professional approach in his service.


Furthermore, as Folly Fresh has captured your attention this far, the next step is to make that all important booking today.

Yours truly

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